Eoin Vincent Solo Show


Eoin Vincent Solo Show
November 12 – 23
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 12th, 2 – 4 pm

Circadian: (of biological processes) recurring naturally on a twenty-four-hour cycle, even in the absence of light fluctuations.

Transparency: an image, text, or positive transparent photograph printed on transparent plastic or glass, able to be viewed using a projector.

Artist Statement:
“New Years 2015 I had received a few B&W photographic challenges on Facebook from friends and family. Prior to accepting this challenge I was feeling creatively blind. I posted the first image on January 5th and by the time I posted the 5th image my sister and wife were pushing me to do more. 30. 50. Why not 365? I think like many photographers I started shooting in B&W and developing in a darkroom. Over the years I moved away from B&W, although it has been a style that I have always enjoyed. This challenge forced me to move beyond the places where I struggled. And all I did was shoot + shoot + shoot some more. The results have left me happy and proud.” – Eoin Vincent

Select images from this series will be on view at the RAA&M.

Eoin Vincent lives on the coastline of New England, where he finds much of his photographic influence of the stories of New England people, dance and the coastal landscape. In the darkroom, he was known to push the technology into creative places in the hopes of bringing something different to the silver and the images. Now with the laptop darkroom, DSLR, drone and video he continues to strive to that next great composition and story telling.

He has done a wide range of photography including event, on location, dance, and fine art. His work has appeared in a number of publications worldwide and his fine art is internationally.

The author of the 2007 photo documentary book “Eyes of Tanzania”, in 2012 he pushed his work with the critically acclaimed show “Coastline” and in 2016 he continues the challenge of his photography with Circadian Transparency the 365 series. He is a contributing author to Light and Landscape magazine and enjoys public speaking on photography, history and the works of his late uncle Peter Vincent ASMA.

Eoin and his family resides North of Boston, where you can often find him working on his Argentine Tango with his wife.