Michael S. Foley Solo Show

One-Artist Exhibition of Sculpture
March 18 – 30 in the Pearson Gallery of the RAA&M
Reception: Saturday, March 18th, 2 – 4 PM

“Geometry and the love of natural materials are the driving forces behind my work. As a lifelong carver and career machine design engineer, I find beauty in both the gifts of the earth, as well as the wisdom of mathematics, which helps us to see our humble place in the universe. My sculptures, in their small ways, attempt to transform the fusion of these beauties into expressive forms, frozen in time, but warmed by each human hand which reaches out to touch them.”
– Michael S. Foley

Michael Foley was born and grew up in Beverly MA. His sculpting career started as a teenager with an avid interest in relief carving using a variety hardwoods and soft pine. He received his BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lowell Technological Institute. During his engineering career he continued to pursue his interest in relief carving and full-size sculpture in wood. Retiring in 2013, Foley began to devote his full-time energies to his art.

With the somewhat recent advent of sintered diamond tools, he quickly transitioned into his current work in stone, each piece unique not only in design, but also in color and grain. Foley works primarily in hard stones such as granite, basalt and marble – most of which have been gathered from the bedrock and glacial till of our native Cape Ann and the quarries of Vermont.

He draws his subject matter and inspiration from the abundant local natural and marine life, incorporating both realistic and abstracted themes into a wide range of subjects. His use of materials spans simple patterned popple stones to full-size sculpture in quarried granite.