Alison M. Landoni

Alison Landoni,

Alison Landoni, "Beethoven's Symphony No. 7, 2nd Movement", acrylic on board, with headphones for listening.

Ms. Landoni’s formal visual art training began in 1985 with Gloucester watercolourist, Margaret Laurie, with whom she learned priceless technical information concerning composition, color, and technique. She went on to study evenings at Montserrat College of Art with the late Jim Sawyer, and then enrolled in their BFA program in 1987. Her teachers included Montserrat staple instructors such as Roger Martin, George Gabin, Olie Balf, Ethan Berry, Barbara Moody, Thorpe Feidt, Rose Olson and as well as many other influential faculty such as Rob Roy and Bart Uchida. Starting out as an Illustration major, Alison changed her concentration over to Fine Arts to incorporate video, film and audio and animation, as well as experimental 2D mixed media and photographic techniques into her style.

During 1990-1992, Alison ventured to Houston, TX and studied for a semester at the Glassell School of Art, the school of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and returned to Montserrat and completed her BFA in 1993.

A member of the National Association of Women Artists, Landoni finds joy in painting both representational seascapes as well as abstract works based in synesthesia and other conceptual subjects, and works in whichever medium is needed to best facilitate that expression: oil, acrylic, pastel, inks, graphite, etc.

In 2003 Alison published the children’s book, A Place For Spooz, and ventured to schools and libraries to discuss the creative process as well as the humane treatment to pets and all creatures.