David Lussier


DAVID LUSSIER’s award winning paintings reflect an interest in strong impressionistic brushwork and the value relationships of color as influenced by Robert Henri, George Bellows and Emile Gruppe. Lussier’s oil landscapes feature bold strokes from a narrow palette of colors, conveying an emotional energy that begs viewers to return for another look. Lussier is a member of various art organizations including the North Shore & Rockport Art Associations, Hudson Valley Art Association and the National Academy of Professional Plein Air Painters.

His paintings and workshops have been featured in numerous publications including: A Conversation With David Lussier by Charles Movalli in the December 1995 issue of American Artist Magazine, Fundamentals First by Lynne Moss Perricelli in the 2005 winter edition of American Artist Workshop, and most recently a featured artist profile in the March 2006 edition of Fine Art Connoisseur.