Heidi Caswell Zander

HCZ lanes cove

Heidi Caswell Zander, "Lanesville Harbor". oil

Strong color, visual space and rhythm are characteristic of my style. My artistic foundation comes forth creating works that balance a representation of the process: showing the marks, the washes, and building up a recognizable image. Landscape, and some still life subjects, inspire my layering of surfaces with energetic colorful strokes. Contrasting materials providing the viewer with a dense surface ‘landscape’ . As one nears the image the process is more evident. Back away and the illusion of implied place is stronger.

My work bares the imprint of growing up immersed in the artist culture of Cape Ann. I was taught as a child the traditional values of Plein Aire Painting: capturing the feeling of the moment in place, atmospheric color, finding composition in nature, unity through light. I have a love of landscape, working to create art that conveys a fresh but accurate view into it.