Judi Rotenberg

Rotenberg-Freedom Flowers

‘Freedom Flowers ,’ Acrylic on Canvas, 6' x 12'3''

JUDI ROTENBERG – I have always painted and always knew I wanted to be an artist. It was my first dream. Other than my family nothing has given me more joy than my art. I had a very academic training at Boston University’s School of Fine Arts. At first look, my work appears to be floral paintings, and I am certainly inspired by natures’ forms, but they are really abstract compositions. I know I have succeeded in a painting when the viewer has a heightened emotional reaction to the work. My best paintings give a vision of my interior rhythm. I have a very personal sense of color – it is instantly recognizable. I build my paintings in relationships of color. I like to entice with a melodic palette, but then deliver a “pow” right in the middle.