Nancy Alimansky


‘Alpine Place’ Watercolor, 14 x 21 inches

Nancy Alimansky    Artists often are drawn to subjects that have a strong emotional appeal. For me it is the New England coast, where I spent many summers as a child. I always feel at peace when I am painting in that environment. I look to capture the essence of a place and convey the emotion I feel with the viewer. My preference is to work outside “en plein air” rather than in the studio. Being on location helps me to maintain a spontaneous approach to the painting.

I work primarily in watercolor. I am attracted by the subtleties, clarity and freshness that characterize a successful watercolor. Because watercolor can be an unforgiving medium I find it challenging and rewarding. There is also the element of surprise: the “happy accidents” that occur when the paint doesn’t quite behave as you expect.

Although I am a representational painter I’m not interested in merely recreating a landscape or street scene. Because I work so much outside, light is particularly important to me. I am inspired when I see how light and shadow interact. I am fascinated by shapes like those that buildings create against the sky or in relationship to each other. I often choose to paint a scene that contains all these elements.