Nina Kussow


NINA KUSSOW – printmaker and artist, was born in Russia where she graduated from the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts with a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts & Architecture. Since 1990, she has lived and worked in the USA and Germany, where she continues her interest in fine art.

Nina began her career trying almost every medium and exploring many techniques and styles – mostly concentrating on etching and monotypes. Her talent for etching on copper plates and individually hand printing them on an English press is a classic skill combining the expertise of the artist and artisan. Her prints richly portray architectural objects with people, animals and birds, including her perception of the traditions of classical European art. Most prints are produced in limited signed editions that rarely exceed 25 prints. Other works are one-of-a-kind. Her works are acquired by galleries and private collections in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Nina currently makes her home and art studio in Beverly, MA.