Otto Laske

Into the abyss 6x4 [300]

Into The Abyss



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OTTO LASKE’s visual work owes much of its salience to its deep roots in his lyric poetry and music composition created prior to his turn to the visual arts. The work, see by him as visual music, is entirely digital. It comprises painting, drawing and abstract photography. Otto’s paintings often emerge from combining digital painting and animation tools, while his abstract photography, equally linked to animation, harks back to Moholy-Nagy’s work at the Bauhaus.

In addition to its conscious use of both photographic and musical elements, Otto’s work is marked by a strong sense of wholeness of form. To achieve wholeness, Otto consciously links what used to be separated into distinct presentation categories (which in digital art make no sense). For instance, his photography is often painterly (or painted into), while his paintings show strong graphic and photographic aspects.

The wholeness of form central in Otto’s visual work is often achieved through musical techniques, e.g., by presenting a movement of opposites conflict resolution, or super-imposition. Many works integrally comprise drawing. As a result, work presents in dynamic wholeness that pervades all of its elements in a flow of energy.

Otto holds memberships in Rockport Art Association (Section Photography), and Rocky Neck Art Colony. He has shown work nationally in Texas and California as well as in SOWA, Boston. He is a member of Vimeo, the Studio Artist Community, and the Visual Music Village. His work is seen at and on the Cape Ann Gicglee website.

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