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Sanghi Ehrlich
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Sanghi is an artist at heart. She loves color and people and all things that lift human spirit. She believes art is nurturing discovering self and growing that spark of love to unfold into flowers and fruits to share with others. She also believes all people are artists and artists are scientist in nature, we discover and distill our living wisdom by living it, feeling it and practicing it. Her art speaks for herself.

For her, papers and pencils were best friends ever since she could hold them in her fingers and especially when she lost her parents at a tender age. But not wanting to be a starving artist, she walked the practical safe life path until the day it dawned on her, she was running away from herself, her life.

Her new found courage to redirect her life met hostility of people who want to control her and put her in a mental hospital to keep her under their clutches and not speak her mind. Out of her curiosity and not wanting to make others unhappy she took the prescription drug that doctors imposed on her listening only her family’s desire.

The family picked doctors treated her creativity as an illness and with the mega prescription drug to pluck out new thoughts and dismantled her body network and shaking her legs and even wiped out the desire to doodle. All because she ignited the desire to speak her mind and grow as a human expressing herself. She lives two years of human vegetable life.

All that in American soil where everywhere her eyes turn and greet by the spirit of America. After divorce, against her doctor’s advice she took off the dreadful drugs she did not believe in. She started to walk to rejuvenate her legs. Since then she walked two marathons and still walks and hopping coffee shops here and there to catch thought and connecting dot to dots of life experience… and drifted to this side of shore, Rockport, to greet the rising sun.

Sanghi came from South Korea as an Adult a handful vocabularies and five dollars in her pocket. She dreamed someday when her English gets better she will pursue artist career but lost in others thoughts that an adult born and raised other culture will never learn to speak English.
Today she walks paints writes with the language she once so afraid of. She believes if she can still walk and talk, bleak or bright all people can do better.