Raise the Roof for the RAA&M

Dear Valued Supporters,

The Rockport Art Association & Museum Board of Governors and Members have put together a special fundraising exhibition to help raise much needed funds to fix the ceiling and roof in the Hibbard gallery.

Due to a leak that has caused damage to the ceiling and has progressively gotten worse in a very short period of time we are in desperate need of funds to help fix the damage. In order to address the situation without disrupting business the construction work needs to take place during our close-down period in January and February however that puts a strain on the budget. This Raise the Roof exhibition is truly an emergency fundraiser!

The RAA&M board and the membership have graciously stepped in. The board came up with the idea to host a fundraising exhibition where the RAA&M membership would donate artwork that would benefit the Raise the Roof campaign 100%. With over 100 pieces of artwork already donated and more coming in daily the potential for the campaign has grown beyond the goals of the RAAA&M board.

All of the artworks, various mediums of painting and photography, are for sale at the $500 price. A dozen of the pieces will be auctioned off in a live auction during a Gala event on Saturday, December 10, from 5-7pm. The RAA&M board have funded the entire Gala themselves as a celebration and thank you to the RAA&M members and supporters. The Gala is free to the public with RSVP confirmations required. To RSVP please call the RAA&M at 978-546-6604.

If you are unable to attend to purchase artwork but would graciously donate to the campaign your help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance and all the best wishes for a joyous and prosperous New Year!


Abby Battis
Executive Director