Rates and Guidelines


photo: Ruth Eileen

photo: Ruth Eileen Photography

A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit, one-half of the rental fee and a security deposit must accompany a signed contract to reserve RAA&M on a definite basis. Rates and guidelines will be discussed with the Event Coordinator.

The rental period at RAA&M is for an eight and one-half period, which provides for a five (5.0) hour event, two and one-half (2.5) hours set up and up to one (1) hour breakdown time.

Your rental fee includes access to the following:

Wedding Ceremony: The Maddocks Gallery is available, configured as a chapel, at no additional cost.

Bridal Suite: A private Bridal Suite in our Martha Moore room is included with the rental. This is a lovely area to relax and freshen up, and the stairway leading down to the courtyard interlude is a unique location for picture taking.

Chairs: 200 burgundy, straight-back, padded hotel-style chairs are included with the rental. 5 rustic wooden benches or “pews”, which seat 5-6 people, are also available for use.

Piano: Our beautiful baby grand piano can be used for playing, or as a surface for gifts or your guest book.

Cancellation Fees: Notification of cancellation of a definite reservation is required in writing to the Rockport Art Association & Museum. Should the Rockport Art Association & Museum re-book the date with a comparable rental, the RAA&M will refund one half of the deposit paid.

Decorations: The galleries provide a beautiful artistic setting to complement your linens and flowers. However, if you wish to add lighting, draped fabric, garlands, etc., please discuss with us prior to your event.

Photographs: Both the RAA&M and scenic Rockport provide many beautiful settings for your event photography – from romantic beaches to tranquil meadows, our Event Coordinator is happy to suggest many picturesque areas just a stone’s throw away from the RAA&M.

Catering Responsibilities & Provisions: Caterers and catering staff are responsible for set-up, clean-up and dismantling of all tables and chairs and removal of trash after the event.

 Liquor Liability License: It is the responsibility of the caterer to provide liquor liability insurance. A Certificate of Insurance must be provided to the RAA&M 60 days prior to your event.

Smoking: Local fire ordinances do not permit smoking or the use of candles or open flames in any of the buildings or on the Museum campus.